I liked the games and movies. I can't wait to see more episodes from "J.C. Zell's Time Machine."

Sarah (Age 11) Michigan

Some things I like about this website:

  • The introduction

  • So many choices to pick from

    Madison (6th Grade) Michigan

I liked how there were games, and activities, also the crafts. The art gallery was fun to see your paintings, sculptures and the drawings.

Sara (Age 12) Michigan

I liked the little commercials and videos. The art is really cool.

Emily (Age 12) Michigan

I liked the games.

Kaitlyn (6th Grade) Michigan

There are so many interesting things to see on this website.

Nick (Age 11) Michigan

That one movie thing with the weird guy was funny, so don't change a thing with that.

Ryan (6th Grade) Michigan

I liked how you put yourself in the movie and how you put a lot of creativity in to this website.

Kelly (Age 11) Michigan

What I did like about the website was the funny noises and movies were fun to watch. You should make more games for older kids.

Hunter (Age 11) Michigan

Things that I liked about this website was the movies they were so funny but kinda kiddish. You could get a little bit more mature ones for older people. I also liked the way the guy you moved around to get to where you wanted to go.

Vincent (6th Grade) Michigan

I liked all of the creativity. I also liked the background, how it was all decorated. Good Job!

Christina (6th Grade) Michigan

I liked your site. The movies and games were pretty sweet. Your ant logo, I like, and the overall site. Keep it up!

Jacob (Age 12) Michigan

I liked the Xzell Ant Intro.

Taylor (6th Grade) Michigan

I liked all of the drawings (especially the hippo with a tutu) and the "Egg and Bacon O's" commercial because I don't know, they were funny and cool.

Megan (Age 12) Michigan

I liked the commercial for "Egg and Bacon O's." It was funny when the pig asked "Where does the bacon come from?"

Mattis (5th Grade) Michigan

I liked the storytime campfire activities because you can tell stories around the campfire.

Chris (Age 10) Michigan

I like how you showed how you make paper frogs and other things.

Kyle (5th Grade) Michigan

I liked the movies and alphabet game the best. The "Egg and Bacon O's" commercial was very funny.

R.J. (Age 7) Michigan

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