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     Since early childhood I have always shared interest in developing artistic projects whether it involves drawing simple illustrations, creating fun activities or writing plays. As a young boy I would sit in the garage and watch my father work on his oil paintings while I traced images from a “How to Draw Cartoons” book. Before long, I began putting together game books, as well as, greeting cards and attempted to sell them door to door. There were many occasions where I would dream up some sort of a skit and put on a show for the other neighborhood children.


      Much of my industry knowledge can be accredited to the wide selection of attendance to educational facilities. While attending high school I decided to take classes at Mc Fatter Vocational Technical Center in Davie, Florida where I earned a degree in Commercial Art along with my high school diploma. About a year later I realized that my interests were to become a part of the television industry. After doing some research I took interest in another trade school in Orlando, Florida.  It was at Full Sail “Center for the Recording Arts” where I began attending classes in their Film and Video Comprehensive Program. A few years later, I decided to continue my education at The School of The Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Animation, Fine Arts and Video Editing were my main courses of study there for three years. 


     For the past fifteen years I have worked with creative teams in an artistic environment. As part of the requirements for Full Sail I completed an internship with Filmworks Corporation which is a company that produces television advertising in Miami, Florida. Upon completion of the internship I was hired on full time as their in-house Production Assistant. I became familiarized with several of their freelance producers leading me to an abundance of positions as a Props Assistant and Scenic Artist. Currently, I reside in Southern California continuing to take on a wide variety of artistic projects. Since December of 2000 I began working as a Park Decorator for the Disneyland Resort. Our team is responsible for the theme park props, window displays, and holiday overdressing throughout the resort. Though I have a regular full time position with the company I continue to freelance as a theme specialist and artistic director.


     Many of my goals are to become more active with the industry of puppetry, multi-media and animation.  In practice I concentrate on using the internet to display movies, games and activities for developmental growth for our youth.

















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